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Do you want to keep 100% of your hard-earned commission?

Finally, a legit commission!

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Would you like to STOP paying office fees?

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You have been getting ripped off on your commission long enough. Join the legit home sales team and unlock the rewards of your own self-sufficiency.  You’re doing most of the work yourself anyway and then giving a quarter or better of your money away! For what? Because we operate on a ‘remote’ basis we’re able to give you your money back. For every closed deal, the administration charge from the office is $750.00 regardless of the size of the sale. You can pass that charge along by putting it in the buy-sell agreement and or listing agreement to give yourself that legit 100% of the commission.

You deserve 100% pay for 100% of your effort. And even if you get a client who refuses that fee, you’re still only paying a very tiny portion of commission compared to what you’re paying now. If that makes sense then continue reading, if it doesn’t well……. keep letting those traditional brokers in your pocket,

You become a mini broker

***Commissions are 100%***
We charge an admin fee of $600 per sale which an agent can include in the sales or listing agreement or simply pay it themselves. Either way, there are no office-related fees to pay, come on… It’s 2022! Who pays office fees? Who pays commissions out of their pocket?

If you recruit a licensed sales agent, then $250 of that $750 goes directly to you in perpetuity for every agent you bring on board. Do you know anybody else that is that legit? Heck no. I have built my career on the win-win philosophy, I’m not here trying to get wealthy I’m here to help us all make a very good living and live a very good lifestyle; a legit lifestyle.

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We have a legit office for your legit office types your welcome to a desk and space and plenty of wi-fi and air conditioning for free!

  • The office administrative charge.
  • To give yourself that legit 100% commission.
  • If that makes sense, then continue reading. If it doesn’t.
  • We charge an admin fee of $600 per sale.
  • Office-related fees to pay. Come on.
  • Do you know anyone else who is that legit?
  • Built my career on the win-win philosophy. I’m not here trying to get wealthy. I’m here to.
  • We have a Legit office for all of you Legit office types. You’re welcome to desk space and plenty of Wi-Fi and air conditioning for free!

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